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We are the third generation of returned missionaries and we know what it means to be away from home. As missionaries, we serve in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, so we know what it feels like to receive letters or a package full of love from home. We understand that sending a package can be a very difficult task. Sometimes it is impossible, there are problems with customs, lost, broken and many times the theft. For these reasons we decided to create Packages For Missionaries, a family business dedicated to the marketing and delivery of packages in a safe and efficient way for your missionary.
A package always means receiving “hugs from home.”
We have a large stock of products so you can surprise your missionary. We have pre-made packages for special occasions or you can personalize yours by choosing the products you want. Your package will be sent directly to the mission office where your missionary is serving quickly and safely. Since packages are prepared directly in Argentina, neither you nor your missionary will pay any taxes.
We are here to help you give your missionary “hugs from home.”
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